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Data analysis, interface to the PC

The interface to the PC is part of the basic system. The iks aquastar midi buffers up to 2600 chains of readings. Chain of reading means date, time and all measured values. The storage interval will be selected by the user. (e.g. every 15 minutes or every 60 minutes).
With the transmission program iks Datastar the stored values can be transferred on simplest way to the PC. It is available here for free Download. The data values are available on the PC for standard calculation and database programs.

Datastar Version 2.0:

  Datastar v2.0 (2.0 MB)


  aquastar midi software version 1.0 For use of version 1.0 , please call our electrical engineering technician. Phone.: +49 (0) 72 02 - 94 11 93


Latest version aquastar midi software:

 iks aquastar midi pH version 2.1 english
    with feeding break and pH control with delay time (e.g. for ponds)

  iks aquastar midi redox version 2.1 english
     with automatic, half-automatic and manual feeding break.


  The software version 2.1 only works with a new electronic device in the midi hardware. Please call our electrical engineering technician, so that we can arrange the refitting of your iks aquastar midi. Phone.: +49 (0) 72 02 - 94 11 93


 PC-software for accomplishment of updates (aquastar midi)

  aqMidiUpdate.exe (544 kB)


Brief instructions for the software update

  1. Installation: Copy the software (exe - file) to a directory of your choice. (It is a compressed file that      unpacks itself when summoned).

  2. Starting the programme: Open Windows-Explorer. Open the directory containin the update software.      Double-click on the .exe - file.

  3. Update aquastar: Connect aquastar to the PC via the PC cable. Remove the mains plug on the
     aquastar. Click on "SendFile" in the PC programme. Select the current *.hex -file (e.g. aq204_DE.hex).      In the ensuing dialogue, select the serial interface (COM1, COM2). Wait until connection confirmation
     appears. Re-connect the mains plug to the aquastar. Wait.
  4. The update is complete








  User Manual

  Tips & Tricks



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