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The basic system iks aquastar midi

  Unbeatable value for money

  Connections for a pH and temperature sensor or a redox and temperature sensor
  One switch socket is included with the system
  Variable-output switch sockets (dimmer) are available
  Two-line text display panel plus large LED window
  Data memory for 4000 chains of readings buffered by storage battery
  PC interface for data analysis
  Update function with flash-memory technology
  Automatic calibration with sensor test (for pH and redox sensors)
  Day/night simulation
  Lunar phase simulation
  High tide/low tide simulation
  Current-flow simulation
  Timer functions
  Interval functions
  Nocturnal reductions
  Acoustic, visual and external alarms
  Five-year guarantee


Technical data:

  Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 3 cm
  Power consumption: max. 5 W
  Processor: INTEL 80C535
  Conventional memory: 128 kB RAM (Buffered by storage battery)
  Programme memory: 64 kB Flash
  Inputs: 2 BNC sockets for connecting a pH or redox electrode and a temperature sensor
     1 connection for a mains receiver / power supply (Power Station)

  pH: Measuring range: pH 3 to pH 13
     Resolution: pH 0.01
     Temperature compensation: manual / automatic
     Switch hysteresis: pH 0.05

     Measuring range: -300 mV to +600 mV
     Resolution: 1 mV
     Switch hysteresis: 5 mV

     Measuring range: 5 °C to 50 °C
     Resolution: 0.05°C
     Switch hysteresis: 0.15 °C

     Serial PC-interface(for data analysis, updating and external display)

     LC display (2x16 characters)
     LED display (red illumination)
     1 switch socket (Power Station), breaking capacity: 230V~/5A
     8 TTL switch outputs for connecting the iks switch-socket panels




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