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Simmod (Item no. 1014)

  The sun, moon and aquastar - and see your aquarium in quite a different light !


iks aquastar SIMMOD 0 (1) -10V, the interface based on lighting and automation technology, now available in the field of aquaristics, too.


This 4-channel module allows the multitude of simulations of light and current that the iks aquastar and iks aquastar midi systems provide to be used to their greatest effect. All you require to be able to dim fluorescent tubes are electronically dimmable ballast units (ECG e.g. Osram (Quicktronic®) , Philips (HF-Regulator) etc.).Contact the manufacturer of your particular lighting for details of the appropriate ballast units ! In its "System 60", the German company Giesemann Lichttechnik (Giesemann Lighting) provides a suitable lighting unit with the appropriate means of connection.

We recommend the iks aquastar luxus lamps, developed specially for this interface and extremely easy to use.


But current pumps with an output of up to several kilowatts can be controlled by means of this module and so-called frequency converters. This may be of interest particularly for larger systems.


Technical data

  Black housing for external mounting
  External dimensions : 9 cm x 10 cm x 2,6 cm

  Connecting cable (for iks aquastar (L1, L2, L3 and/or L4) or iks aquastar midi (L1 and/or L2)), 6 feet       long
  8 terminals for connecting to the ballast unit (ECG) (2 per channel)






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