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PC-software and aquastar firmware

actual aquastar Firmware:

  iks aquastar Version 2.17 english ( 75 kB )
  iks aquastar Version 2.19 english ( 75 kB )

  iks aquastar Version 2.20 english ( 85 kB )

  iks aquastar Version 2.21 english ( 85 kB )

  iks aquastar Version 2.25 english ( 66 kB ) Supplement sheet to the user's manual NEW

  iks aquastar Version 2.26a english ( 66 kB )

  Modifications in different versions

actual aquastar industrial Firmware:

  iks aquastar Industrial 2.27 v04 Languages DE/EN/FR.

  iks aquastar Industrial 2.28 v04 Languages DE/EN/FR.

  Improvements and PC software compatibility in the different versions.


IKS-AquaStar-Visual - PC Software for the iks aquastar Industrial



AquasSoft - PC Software for the iks aquastar

  iks CD with the PC software aquasSoft and sms controller configurator

  iks Compact Disk ( 28 MB ) After extraction of the file "iks_CD.zip" please click on the start- or start.htm file.

  The newest PC software aquasSoft (demo version 2.26.27) for download here !

  setup_aquasSoft.zip ( 21 MB )

  Installation instructions and licensing of the full version of aquasSoft

  aquasSoft_Installations_AnleitungGB.pdf ( 187 kB )

  FAQ - Frequently asked questions regarding the software iks AQUASSOFT


  New manual for the software iks AQUASSOFT

  aquasSoft manual english.pdf (Please copy the file into the installation directory)


PC-Software for firmware update

  Update.exe (544 kB) for iks aquastars upto serial number 3464 (Basicsystem SN: xxxx)
  UpdateV03.exe (684 kB) for iks aquastars from serial number 3465 (Basicsystem SN: xxxx)

  Short instruction for doing the updates







user manuals

iks aquastar Version 2.0 New

  1000_Bedien_DE.pdf (526 kB)

  User manual french (French manual)

  1000_manuel_d_emploi_FR.pdf (558 kB)

  User manual english (English manual)

  1000_Manual_GB.pdf (505 kB)


iks aquastar ProgramMING form

  program_form_GB.pdf ( 23 kB )

iks Datastar Version 2.0

  BedienDatastar.pdf (607 kB)


iks aquastar midi New

  1020_GB.pdf (493 kB)


supplementary Sheet (Futterpause ab Version 2.16)

  Futterpause.pdf (PDF)( 17 kB)


  Englische Version: supplementary sheet (feeding break)
  Feedingb.pdf ( 16 kB)








  User Manual

  Tips & Tricks







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