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PC-software and aquastar firmware

actual aquastar Firmware:

  iks aquastar Version 2.17 english ( 75 kB )
  iks aquastar Version 2.19 english ( 75 kB )

  iks aquastar Version 2.20 english ( 85 kB )

  iks aquastar Version 2.21 english ( 85 kB )

  iks aquastar Version 2.25 english ( 66 kB ) Supplement sheet to the user's manual

  iks aquastar Version 2.26 english ( 66 kB )

  iks aquastar Version 2.26f multi language (318 kB) NEW! For operation with iks ODOS Sensor

  Modifications in different versions

actual aquastar industrial Firmware Update (only for iks aquastar industrial control panel, not for aquarium control panel):

  iks aquastar Industrial 2.27 v04 Languages DE/EN/FR.

  iks aquastar Industrial 2.28 Languages DE/EN/FR.

  iks aquastar Industrial 2.29 Languages DE/EN/FR.

  Improvements and PC software compatibility in the different versions.


IKS-AquaStar-Visual - PC Software for the iks aquastar Industrial and Aquarium

  Download page .


PC-Software for firmware update

  Update.exe (544 kB) for iks aquastars upto serial number 3464 (Basicsystem SN: xxxx)
  UpdateV03.exe (684 kB) for iks aquastars from serial number 3465 (Basicsystem SN: xxxx)

  Short instruction for doing the updates







user manuals

iks aquastar Version 2.0 New

  1000_Bedien_DE.pdf (526 kB)

  User manual french (French manual)

  1000_manuel_d_emploi_FR.pdf (558 kB)

  User manual english (English manual)

  1000_Manual_GB.pdf (505 kB)


iks aquastar ProgramMING form

  program_form_GB.pdf ( 23 kB )

iks Datastar Version 2.0

  BedienDatastar.pdf (607 kB)


iks aquastar midi New

  1020_GB.pdf (493 kB)


supplementary Sheet (Futterpause ab Version 2.16)

  Futterpause.pdf (PDF)( 17 kB)


  Englische Version: supplementary sheet (feeding break)
  Feedingb.pdf ( 16 kB)








  User Manual

  Tips & Tricks







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