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The external display unit (Item no.1013) NEW

  Information neatly and elegantly packaged


The clear presentation of this information and alarm panel for your iks aquastar provides you with all need at a glance. Up to 4 readings are displayed at a time. You can see whether or not the readings are OK and whether or not and in which direction a control function is activated at that particular moment. The integrated acoustic alarm notifies you immediately if anything steps out of line.


The display panel has a serial interface and can be set at up to 30m away from the base system. However, an additional mains supply is necessary for greater dis-tances. In contrast to LCD panels, its blue, luminized front screen can always be viewed easily from practically any angle, regardless of whether by day or by night.


The installation kit, including a surround in a stainless-steel look, supplied with the unit allows easy fitting into existing fascias and cabinets. Of course, wall-mounting is possible as well. To give the observer the best view possible of the display panel, it can be tilted along its horizontal axis.


Technical data

  An elegant housing for flush fitting and external mounting
  External dimensions: 22 cm x 6 cm
  Cut-out dimensions for flush fitting: 19.5 cm x 5 cm
  Large, clear characters
  Visible from all angles
  All readings presented on a scrolling display
  Active blue / green - illuminated vacuum-fluorescent display



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