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Switch outputs / switch socket panels

  For switching and controlling lights, heating, pumps, valves.....


In addition to the power station's existing switch socket, you can also connect up to two switch socket panels with four switch sockets each to the iks aquastar midi system. The iks switch socket panels come in two versions. One of them is a panel (item no. 1006) where the sockets (outputs) are switched on and off via the iks aquastar midi. The other is a variable-output model (item no. 1009) where the output can be regulated, or "dimmed", with the aid of integrated phase-angle control. This panel was developed specially for simulating current and natural sources of light.


  The socket panels are available in a variety of models to suit different countries.


Technical data of the iks socket panel (item no. 1006):

  Inputs: Four opto-decoupled control inputs.
  Outputs: Four individually operable sockets (230 V~ / max. 13 A)
  Breaking capacity: The maximum breaking capacity of the panel is 3000 W, whereby it can also be      connected via a single channel.
  Technique: Relay. The switch state of the socket is shown via LEDs.
  Geometric dimensions: 51,3 cm x 6,8 cm x 4,8 cm


Socket panel (item no. 1006) applications:

  Control processes (e.g. solenoid valve for pH-value, heating element for temperature)
  Timers (e.g. various lamps, dosing pumps, automatic feed dispensers etc.)
  Simulation of currents (e.g. current pumps)
  Interval functions


Technical data for the variable-output iks socket panel (item no. 1009):

  Inputs: Opto-decoupled control inputs.
  Outputs: Four individually variable ("dimmable") sockets.
  Breaking capacity: 250 W per channel.
  Technics: Phase-angle control
  Geometric dimensions: 48 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm


Socket panel (item no. 1009) applications:

  Simulation of currents (e.g. with the current pumps of the iks aquastar turbo series)
  Sunrise and/or sunset
  Lunar-phase simulation
  Only power consumers that are specially designed for operation with phase-angle control are to be      connected.




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