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The iks aquastar measuring and regulation modules

On your iks aquastar you can connect up to eight measuring and regulation modules in any combination to the sockets S1 to S8. This enable you, for example, to also connect eight of the same modules (e.g. pH) and thereby regulate eight different aquariums simultaneously. Currently available are modules for the parameters pH, redox potential, temperature, oxygen, air pressure, conductivity and water level. Further modules are undergoing development. All sensors are, of course, designed for freshwater and seawater aquariums.


What actually is a measuring and regulation module?

These modules principally comprise a sensor and a measurement converter, whereby the sensor is permanently connected to the converter or via a BNC connector. This converts the sensor information into a form that can be understood by theiks aquastar. A further function of the converter is to inform the basis system of its identity (pH-module, redox module etc.) mitzuteilen.This technique makes it possible to connect the modules to the n iks aquastar in any combination. It is also provides the foundation for an intelligent, component-dependent (controlled) menu system.



If the iks aquastar detects a measuring/regulation module on one of its module sockets, you can programme one/several control processes. To do this you simply state the type of control process, e.g. for a temperature module cooling or heatingf, the desired value, and an upper and lower alarm setting. If for any reason an alarm setting is reached (e.g. if the heating system is faulty), you will be both visually and audibly alerted. You even have the option of triggering an external alarm. With this to help you, you can activate a warning lamp or a siren.



Have an SMS sent to your mobile phone when the alarm is triggered!

Save yourself more serious damage.


Conductivity module
The conductivity module
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Redox module
The redox module
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Water-level module
The water-level module
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Temperature module
The temperature module
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Oxygen module
The oxygen module
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Air-pressure module
The air-pressure module
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The pH-module
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