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The pH-module (item no. 1001)

You can continuously measure and regulate the pH-value of your aquarium with the help of this module.As the module is galvanically separated from the basis system, the pH-value can also be measured at different points within a single water circuit without the individual sensors having an effect on each other.


Use in freshwater aquariums

  Control of the CO2 supply (fertilizing) via a solenoid valve connected to an iks switch socket panel. You      can also programme night-time deactivation.


Use in seawater aquariums

  Control of a calcium reactor in order to obtain optimum solubility of the calcium. In addition, you can      simultaneously measure the pH-value in the tank using a second module!


Technical data

  Measuring range from pH 3 to pH 13
  Resolution pH 0,01
  Switch hysteresis pH 0.05
  Up to eight control processes can be programmed
  Automatic or manual temperature compensation
  Upper and lower alarm settings
  Automatic calibration with sensor test
  High-quality, maintenance-free laboratory pH-electrodes (made in Germany)
  pH 4 und pH 7 calibration solutions included in the set



Have an SMS sent to your mobile phone when the alarm is triggered!

Save yourself more serious damage.


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the pH-module

 Il modulo per il pH



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