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system Description

  A system that grows to suit your demands

       The extendable multi-purpose system - your 24-hr helping hand

The aquaristics computer iks aquastar is a state-of the art system of modular construction that caters for all of your needs where automatic monitoring and control of every major water and lighting factor is concerned for both fresh- and seawater aquariums. With it, you can build up your own individual system to suit your personal requirements and your pocket.

Regardless of whether you want a good-value means of monitoring and regulating lighting, temperature and pH-value in your tank with a standard set-up or you want to automate as many extra functions as you can think of, the iks aquastar is the answer! Besides extensive timed functions, youalso have at your fingertips measuring modules for pH-value, redox potential, temperature, conductivity, waterlevel, oxygen und air pressure. Additional modules are currently undergoing development. Up to eight of these modules can be connected to the system in any combination. Thus, it is possible, for example, to take multiple pH measurements (e.g. in a calcium reactor and in the aquarium) or even in several tanks quite independently of each other.


A word about operating comfort:

While developing this system, our engineers always gave the greatest priority to easy, user-friendly operation. One of the outcomes of this is an intelligent menu-driven control procedure as yet unequalled by any other system.

What is meant by intelligent menu-driven control?
Well, for example, programming a regulation process or a timer clearly only makes sense when an approiate action can be triggered. An action (e.g. activating a solenoid valve) can, however, only become active via a switch outpu (switch socket). It's right at this point that iks aquastar's intelligent menu-driven control comes in. The system detects which and how many components (measuring modules, switch sockets) are connected to it and structures its menu accordingly. This technique represents a huge step forward in terms of user-friendly systems.


Remarkable functions:

  logical and easy operation.
  You can connect up to two socket panels, with 4 sockets each, to the iks aquastar midi. That means 1
     plus 8 controlled sockets. These are also available in a variable-output version for extremely realistic
  With the iks aquastar midi you can programme up to 32 timer functions (with weekday function). The
     shortest switch interval is only 1 second long. This enables you, for example, to add minimal amounts of      trace elements evenly and automatically with the help of a dosing pump (such as the iks Vario). (The
     dosing pump iks Vario MP 045 feeds an amount of only 0,075 ml per second at its lowest setting.
  The interval functions can be individually adjusted to suit your own requirements. The active and passive      phases of the interval duration can be set separately from each other, whereby a random factor (time)      can be given for each one.
  The extensive day/night simulation makes child's play of your aquarium's lighting and optimises it too.      You can use it to set a wide variety of lighting on- and off times. If the lighting you use can be dimmed,      you can simulate sunrise and sunset. It's even possible to recreate the sunrise and sunset of a particular      region of the world (by entering the latitude and longitude.This function even makes the period of the
       reduction in nocturnal values
possible (pH-value, temperature, current etc.).
  The integrated lunar-phase simulation gives you everything you want. You can choose between two
     alternatives. A practice-related one for the "aquarium enthusiast" and the and one for the authentic
     simulation of moonlight (for coral cultivation), taking into account the duration as well as the intensity of      the light. It too allows you to simulate the lunar phase of a particular region of the world, the tropics for      example (again, by entering latitude and longitude!
  There is also a very wide spectrum of possibilities for current simulation such as pulsating waves or
       high/low tide. No matter how large your aquarium is and regardless of the shape it may have, this
     simulation function, thought out right down to the last detail, makes it possible for you to create the
     optimum current for any tank. You can control up to 16 pumps!
  In the "professional" programming level, up to eight different control processes can be carried out using      one measurement and control module. An example: The tank-floor heating system on Socket 1 is
     activated at 25° C. If the temperature continues to fall to 24.5° C, a heating element on Socket 2 will cut      in. If the temperature in your tank becomes too high, a fan/cooler on Socket 3 can be activated at, say,      27°C. For all these functions you can add different values for day/night and summer/winter, too.
  All control processes can have upper and lower alarm limits allocated to them ( with the exception of
     waterlevel for which a time alarm can be entered for maximum safety).
  Acoustic, visual and external alarm .
  Automatic calibration with sensor test (for pH, redox, conductivity, oxygen).
  Display of salt content, density or mS in seawater aquariums (with conductivity module only).
  Using the iks aquastar any of the measured values can be stored and transferred to a PC at any
     intervals you decide upon. Thus, 2000 chains of measurements (one chain comprises date, time and the      values of all the connected sensors) can be stored in the memory. The lead required to do this is
     available from iks. The software necessary for transferring the data to your PC (iks-datastar) is can be      downloaded free-of-charge in the section "Software" on this website. With the help of your PC you can      recognise and identify long-term trends and interdependencies between the most diverse factors in your      aquarium. A PC programme for comfortable evaluation of data (graphs, database, tables, online display      etc.) is currently being developed.
  Set for the future with the update function: As the whole system is constantly undergoing further
     development you have the opportunity of installing the latest programmes (functions) from the Internet      with a PC. That means : You are always up-to-date!
  Absolutely excellent value for money!
  A five-year guarantee - ensures you peace of mind.

What other system offers you so much?


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