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The temperature module (item no. 1004)

The temperature can be precisely and continuously measured and controlled in your aquarium with the temperature module. You can stipulate a variety of settings for day and night, and for summer and winter, too. You can reproduce natural changes in temperature in your aquarium. The waterproof temperature sensor also allows temperature measurement in the bed of the aquarium, for example.



Please be aware that the factors pH, oxygen and conductivity are, in part, very highly dependent on temperature. With the help of a temperature module, automatic temperature compensation can be carried out for every factor. So, including a temperature module in your system is extremely useful even you don't use it to control temperature.


An example of application

Let's say you want to control the floor heating system, the main heating unit (e.g. a heating element, and a cooler all with one temperature module. A realistic example: At 25°C, Socket 1 with a floor heating system is activated. If the heating output of this is insufficient in winter and the temperture falls, a heating element connected to Socket 2 will be switched on. However, if the temperature in summer rises to 27°C, an aerator/cooler on Socket 3 cut in. In addition, you can set different values for day/night and summer/winter!


Technical data

 Measuring range from 0°C to 50°C
 Resolution 0.05º C
 Switch hysteresis 0.15°C
 Up to eight control processes can be programmed
 Upper and lower alarm settings
 High-quality, waterproof Pt1000 Class A sensor



Have an SMS sent to your mobile phone when the alarm is triggered!

Save yourself more serious damage.


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  The temperature module

 Modulo per la temperatura



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