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Switch outputs / switch-socket panels

  For control and activation/deactivation of lighting, heating, pumps, valves...


Up to four switch socket panels can be connected to the iks aquastar system, each with four switch outputs. You can therefore individually control a total of 16 sockets. The iks switch socket panel comes in two models: one is a panel (item no. 1006) whose sockets (outputs) are switched on or off by the iks aquastar and the other is a variable-output (or "dimmable") version (item no. 1009) whose output can be progressively changes with the help of an integrated phase-angle control unit. This panel has been specially developed for the simulation of current an natural light.

  The switch socket panels are available in a variety of models to suit different countries.


The iks switch-socket panel's technical data (item no. 1006):

Inputs: Four opto-decoupled control inputs
Outputs: Four individually operable sockets (230 V~ / max.13 A)
Breaking capacity: The maximum breaking capacity of the panel is 3000 W, whereby it can also be      connected via a single channel.
Technique: Relay. The switch state of the socket is shown via LEDs.
Geometric dimensions: 51,3 cm x 6,8 cm x 4,8 cm


Socket panel (item no. 1006) applications:

  Control processes (e.g. solenoid valve for pH-value, heating element for temperature)
  Timers (e.g. various lamps, dosing pumps, automatic feed dispensers etc.)
  Simulation of currents (e.g. current pumps)
  Interval functions


Technical data for the variable-output iks socket panel (item no. 1009):

  Inputs: Opto-decoupled control inputs.
  Outputs: Four individually variable ("dimmable") sockets.
  Breaking capacity: 250 W per channel.
  Technique: Phase-angle control
  Geometric dimensions: 48 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm


Socket panel (item no. 1009) applications:

  Simulation of currents (e.g. with the current pumps of the iks aquastar turbo series)
  Sunrise and/or sunset
  Lunar-phase simulation
  Only electrical power consumers specially designed for operation with phase-angle control are to be      connected.

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