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The oxygen module (item no. 1011) with optical ODOS Sensor

First optical oxygen sensor with SCS interface! (Simulation Clark-Sensor) Perfect integration into running systems. The ideal substitute for your existing oxygen sensors.

Using the oxygen module, the iks aquastar can continuously measure and regulate the oxygen content in your aquarium. And while it's doing so, you can have the oxygen content displayed in mg/l or the oxygen saturation in %. As the module is galvanically separated from the basis system, the oxygen content can be measured at different points in a water circuit without the individual sensors having an effect on each other. Of course, the oxygen sensor is suited to freshwater and seawater.


  Why measure the oxygen content?

Oxygen is one of the elementary components of our planet. No higher life forms are possible without it, neither on land nor in water.
Measuring the oxygen content can help you, as an aquarium enthusiast, to discover where care and attention is failing. If the O2 content is constantly too low, feed, the population density, filters and plant growth must be checked and sources of higher organic pressure localised. Fish that are constantly subjected to oxygen deficits often suffer from lack of appetite, immune deficiencies and more frequent occurence of infections. Their life expectancy falls.


Technical data

  Measuring range from 0 to 200% Sat, 0 to 20 mg/l
  Accuracy (at 25°C): +/-1%
  Quantification limit: 0,1%
  Reaction time (t90): <60s
  Pressure: max. 2 bar
  Temperature range -5° to 50°C

  Temperature compensation: automatic
  Auto malfunction diagnosis: in case of sensor cap malfunction
  Quick and easy calibration
  Probe diameter: 20mm, 30mm for submersible version
  Process connection: optionally 1" thread
  Material: PVC



Have an SMS sent to your mobile phone when the alarm is triggered!

Save yourself more serious damage.


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