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The water-level module (item no. 1005)

The water-level module (automatic water-level system) enables you to maintain a constant level of water in your aquarium fully automatically. Used in the system and worth a special mention is the optical sensor with an integrated micro-controller . The sensor (intelligent sensor) also incorporates an anti-wave function for protecting the top-up pump. This avoids having to switch off the pump on and off unnecessarily, preventing it from wearing out prematurely. In comparison to mechanical float switches, the sensor used here is totally wear-free, has a greater operating reliability and can, for example, also be mounted horizontally inside a tank. This gives this sensor a wide range of applications.


Giving you further protection still against the risk of flooding in your home is a time-controlled alarm. In other words: if the set water level is not reached within a certain time, the pump is switched off automatically as soon as that time has expired. The alarm time depends on the pump being used and can be set freely according to the user's requirements.


In comparison to standard float-switches, only the floating body is in the liquid with this specific model. All movable parts are outside of the water and thus optimally protected from sediments. So it is prevented that the switch gets stuck. This serves for highest saftey and functionality also under difficult conditions.



  Replacement of water lost through evaporation. The dosing pump iks vario blue II (item no. 2012) has
  proved particulary well-suited for many years.
  No annoying rings around the inside of the tank
  Practically no density fluctuations in seawater aquariums
  Can also be used as an a means of overflow protection (drainage)

Technical data

  Switch hysteresis ca. 2 mm
  Up to eight control processes can be programmed
  Timed alarm for maximum safety



Have an SMS sent to your mobile phone when the alarm is triggered!

Save yourself more serious damage.


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   the water-level module


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