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Short Instruction Update Software

  1. Installation

  Copy the update software (Update_english.exe) into a directory of your choice.


  2. Start of the programm

  open the Windows-Explorer
  open the directory with the update software
  double click the update_english.exe - file..


  3. update aquastar

  connect the aquastar via the PC-Cable to the PC
  remove the powersupply from the aquastar
  click on "Select File" at the PC-Software
  select the *.hex - file (e.g. aq219_EN.hex) in the next dialogue
  select the serial interface (COM1, COM2, COM3 or COM4)) in the next dialogue and click OK
  Don't be worry about the message "The configured serial port is not valid. Please choose another port".   In this special case, this message is unimportant !
  wait, until you see "Get in touch with Aquastar"
  connect the powersupply to the aquastar
  the file will be copied each sector one after another. The update process was successful , when the      following text rises at the end: Sector 493 OK Checksum xxx (any nummer) Checksum OK.  


  4. update is complete


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  Tips & Tricks


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