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The iks aquastar vario 3 plus (item no. 2003)

  The 3-channel dosing system for your aquarium


This measuring out system was developed to supply the aquarium with the regularly needed trace elements.It allows the concentration of these elements to be constantly maintained at an optimum level, thus avoiding harmful fluctuations in concentrations.The necessary daily quantities can be divided up and supplied to the aquarium at prespecified times. Tiresome filling and topping-up by hand are now a thing of the past.


Using this compact and accurate system, you can measure out up to 3 different liquids with great precision. The special design of the hose pump used in this system ensures that each channel transports identical quantities.


The dosage is controlled by the speed of the pump and with a digital time-controller (t-con) that retains its programming for up to a year using commercially available batteries and without mains electricity. The digital time-controller enables you to switch on the pump every hour for 2.5 or 10 seconds. That means: practically no concentration fluctuations. The smallest dosage is around a mere 0.05 ml!
Please note! The pump is not suitable for permanent operation.



  Automatic dosage of 1 to 3 trace elements
  Automatic addition of liquid fertilizer


  The 3-channel dosing pump anf the time-controller "t-con" can be purchased individually.


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